Experience the view from the Ligurian Sea. The tourist Shipping Company “Paradise Gulf” (Società Trasporti Marittimi Turistici Golfo Paradiso) have been operating for over 50 years in the Gulf of Tigullio organizing wonderful trips departing from Pegli (Archetti of Rio), Marina Genova Airport and the Old Harbour from May to September.

Extraordinary environmental beauties, little bays, coves nestled among cliffs, enchanted villas and small gulfs are dotted along the coast from Genoa to “Cinque Terre”, especially in Tigullio. Do not miss the trip to San Fruttuoso!

The farmhouse as a stopping point.

The  The farmhouse La Costa is an ideal stopping point. Its position allows you to discover the Ligurian High Way Trek “Alta Via dei Monti Liguri” and it easily connects you to the European long-distance Path E1 as well as offering you various opportunities for daily trips in contact with the nature either in the hinterland woods or along coastal trails with magnificent sea views.


The Ligurian “Alta Via dei Monti ”(Mountain High Way Trek) is a 442 km long hiking trail which is developed on the watershed bounding the Ligurian coastal slope. It consists of 44 stages of varying length and difficulty. Form stage 19 (Pra Riondo and Faiallo Pass) to 34 (Spingarda Pass and Passo del Bocco) the route can be followed on mountain bike or on horseback, for those who wish. The plain of Praglia, a plateau that intersects Stura and Polcevera stands out among the major points of interest. From here hikers can explore the peace and quiet of the Gorzente lakes, the Regional Park of Tabernacles Marcarolo, or climb the thousand meters peak of Punta Martin.


The European long-distance walking path (over 6,000 km) links North Cape (Norway) with Capo Passero in Sicily, crossing from north to south through the entire European continent, and it also passes through Genoa. In our province the E1 runs up from the Scrivia Valley until the Ligurian border where it overlaps the Ligurian Mountain High Way Trek and then further bends towards Tuscany.

Genoa is by nature expanding “upwards”, being ringed by ridge-top forts. By hiking or cycling in the area you will find a mosaic of wonderful natural environments overlooking the Ligurian Sea. The hinterland of Genoa also offers interesting itineraries thanks to its many landscapes that rapidly transition from sheer cliffs to smooth hills, only to rise toward the sky in the Apennine and Alpine ranges.

An example of a hike could be the magnificent six hours walk between Camogli and Portofino, crossing the hills to descend towards the glittering sea, an uphill walk of about two hours, along the ridge of Mount Antola and reaching almost 1,300 meters above sea level. But you could also go for an undulating woodland walk around Lake Brugneto in Trebbia. The countless trips are mainly centered around the valleys of the province and  the mountain communities offer interesting hikes covering all levels of difficulty.

The Polcevera Valley has, in addition to Praglia ,the picturesque botanical trail of Ciaè in the area between Sant'Olcese and Ronco. The main route of  Valley Scrivia is the one leading to the Stone Castle of Vobbia which is open to the public at weekends. There are several possible routes through the TREBBIA Valley, Antola Park and around the AVETO Park.
Going down, approaching the sea you will find the hills of ARGENTEA Valley on the hills of Arenzano on your right hand and on your left the paths of the Fontanabuona Valley, which extend from the hinterland of Chiavari up to Uscio and Bargagli and until the Petronius Valley that covers the area from Sestri Levante to Moneglia.

With boots, bicycle or horse...

Genoa between the mountains and the sea ....

Whale Watching

Day trip to see dolphins and whales up close.

Genoa is a place that has fascinated poets, writers and artists: a city rich in history and culture, unique landscapes, mountains that plunge into the sea, picturesque fishing villages lying along the shore and medieval villages perched on hills.


San Fruttuoso

Cinque Terre


The cable car in Rapallo

A historic funicular connects the center of Rapallo with the ancient sanctuary of Montallegro all year round. Montallegra is magically located in a panoramic position at 600 meters above sea level between the beautiful chestnut and pine forests that covers the back of Monte Rosa.

Agriturismo La Costa
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Relaxation and Comfort Guaranteed

La Costa has five tastefully decorated rooms that provide privacy as well as relaxation.

Facilities of the Rooms

Each room has its own entrance and private bathroom with shower as well as being  equipped with internet service.

Dining room

Our typical dishes from Liguria will be served in a warm and cosy room with a wood stove.